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Residential Plumbing Services

At C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing, we specialize in residential plumbing services. Our experienced team can tackle clogged drains, leaky faucets, toilet repairs, water heater installations, pipe replacements, and more.

Services C&C Slab Leaks plumber working on Commercial Boilers

Commercial Plumbing Services

"At C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing, we specialize in commercial plumbing. From installations to maintenance, our experienced team ensures your business runs smoothly. Trust us to handle all your plumbing needs with professionalism and expertise."

slab leak repair Locating a slab leak

Slab Leak Detection Services

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing specializes in slab leak detection services to locate water and drain leaks under the slab foundation. Our expert team utilizes advanced technology and techniques to identify and locate leaks accurately on your water and drain lines. Our company is equipped to not only locate your leaks but give cost-efficient options to repair the water and sanitary drain lines as well.

Services C&C Slab Leaks plumber doing Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections

C&C Slab Leaks Plumbing Company provides advanced camera inspection services to locate problem issues on residential and commercial sanitary sewer drains, grease lines, area drains, and yard services. With camera technology, we identify problems without invasive measures, ensuring accurate, effective solutions. We give you an estimate to repair any problems or to have repaired yourself. Trust us for reliable camera inspections.

Hydro Jet Services

Hydro Jet Cleaning

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing offers hydro jet services to clean your pipes. Regular drain cleaning machines clear blockages but do not clean grease, soap build up, or debris from drain lines or clear leaves and debris from area and roof drains BUT the hydro jet does and uses a safe amount of water PSI through lines to actually clean the sewer drains, area drains, and roof drains. It’s like taking your pipes to the car wash. Residential or Commercial call us for expert drain cleaning.

Light Ray UV Pipe Lining Services Picture of Light Ray UV Pipe Lining machine

Light Ray UV Pipe Lining Services

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing is a proud Light Ray UV cast in place pipe lining specialist!! Repair underground drain lines without destroying your house or yard! We use the most up to date UV trenchless pipe lining technology offering our customers alternative methods to traditional trenching and tunnel repairs saving you thousands in repair bills, down time, and imposition. In most instances we can be in and out in one day and you’ll barely notice we were there!!!

Two C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing. Plumber s standing next to a Generac generator


C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing is your certified dealer for Generac generators. Why worry about power outages due to bad weather or rolling blackouts. Our expertise in slab leaks and plumbing extends to reliable backup power solutions. Whole house Generac generators can supply power to the entire house during outages. Count on us for seamless Generac installations and comprehensive plumbing services.

Remodel Services C&C Slab leaks plumber tightening a shower handle.


C&C Slableaks specializes in bathroom remodeling, delivering quality craftsmanship and creative solutions. Trust us to transform your bathroom into a stylish and comfortable space efficiently and effectively.

Services C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing: Plumber Installing tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heaters

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing installed and repairs tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters give you the luxury of endless hot water while being energy efficient and space saving. No more bulky tanks you have to wait to reheat the water after a few showers or time limits to share the hot water Trust our installers today to bring you continuous, efficient hot water for your home.

Services Standard Tank Water Heater Install. C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing picture of two Standard Tank Water Heaters

Standard Tank Water Heater

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing provide all services to standard tank water heaters. The tank style water heater has an average life of 8-10 years on the tank itself. Although we will install any style or brand water heater requested by the customer our preferred brand of tank style water is Rheem. When we supply and install a Rheem tank style water heater we will match the manufactures warranty.

Services Picture of a Halo 5 Water Filtration System​

Halo 5 Water Filtration System

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing can give you clean water free of harsh chemicals without having to change a filter every couple of months. The Halo 5 Water filtration system not only cleans your incoming water so you have clean drinking water, better showers, and softer clothes, it takes care of itself. The Halo 5 performs a regular flush to regenerate its filter system and it only needs serviced once every 10 years. Chemical free water also prolongs the life of your faucets.

Service Picture of a Auto Water Shutoff Systems Services. Provided by C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing

Auto Water Shutoff Systems

C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing can provide peace of mind about water leaks. Sudden bursts of water lines can cost owners and insurance companies thousands of dollars. Auto shut off systems prevent that nightmare whether you just ran to the store or away for the weekend! Systems are installed on the incoming main water line and WiFi enabled to easily control from your phone or computer.